Circus At Dawn

Circus At DawnHelsinki, Finland – Alternative / Rock

This group we love! Their positive attitude and energy is overwhelming. And the music – it’s vibrant, hard and aggressive -it really kicks ass. These finnish musicians are serious with the music and the business. They know what it takes to be known. Sitting on your sofa with your acoustic is just not enough. Circus just got out some new songs and a video of song ”side by side”.

I’m listening to ”Chosen” and I would guess that this could be a hit. Melody is catchy and chorus works well. And how do you know when chorus works well? If it stays in your head longer than the song lasts then the answer is yes. They should work on getting more gigs abroad, it’s important to show your talent around.

Band members: Jussi Ahokas (vocals/guitar), Tuomas Ylikoski (guitar), Jaakko Saloranta (bass), Kimi Andersson (drums).

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