51/50sLondon, UK – Alternative / Rock

These guys have some serious rock ‘n’ roll groove going on spiced up with bad-ass attitude, and that just gets the job done. We loved all the songs on their MySpace, but the definitive favorite must have been ”Lies”. 5150′s plays traditional street rock that makes you wanna boogie all night and forget about tomorrow.

The main man, vocalist Rikki Lee has a good hoarse voice which is perfect for this kind of music. Ollie Cook, the guitarist and the rest of the band play well together and backing vocals are playing surprising important role. I want to say two more things: 1) we want to hear the real hit song sometime soon, 2) never stop searching for your own and unique style to make music!

Band members: Rikki Lee (vocals & guitar), Ollie Cook (guitar), Jason Gale (bass), Billy Baker (drums).

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