2010 Spring & Summer Collection

Fred Skate Park

We’re obsessive travelers, and in our extensive travels we’ve come across numerous clothing brands from all corners of the world. Lately we’ve come to realize that the world can never have enough fresh, original ideas, and imaginative, funky designs will always have a place in the world of ever-changing street wear. The youth is intently tuned to finding new ways to enjoy life and get the most out of every experience, and express themselves through constantly evolving fashion statements. That’s what Fred Sandiego is all about!

What’s New in Fred Street Wear?

We let our imagination loose to create the new vibrant Fred Sandiego Clothing Line inspired by the endless California summer and restless, off the beaten path lifestyle. Classic black is the over-encompassing theme across the new line, allowing other colors to be accented. Movie motifs and classic Fred prints can now be found in both men and womens’ selections. All hooded sweatshirts in the new line are pullover models, and some have a special torn or distressed touch, giving them a vintage feel. Hooded sweatshirts come in a range of colors, from girly pink (so pink you can see it miles away!) to forest green and brown that reflect the laid-back pace of Southern California lifestyle. In the future, we will be adding more zipper hoodies to our line of sweatshirts.

We have added a few more army caps to the Spring Collection, some ripped and some regular. We were surprised by the popularity of our army caps – everyone seemed to want one! Fred Beanies have an equally excited following, and The Beach Bum and The Free Spirit are the latest additions to our line of beanies.

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