Fresh Look of Fred Sandiego – Unique Californian Streetwear

Fred Skate Park

Fred has a completely redesigned look and website! While the old website got a lot of praise and attention, we decided it was time to take Fred to the next level and do a complete overhaul of the site. We restructured the entire site to emphasize ease of navigation and revamped all graphic elements. The new site will be updated frequently to reflect the latest trends in fashion and surf and skate wear. Fred’s Fans will become a prominent part of the site through increased interactive features.

Fred Shop – What’s new?

In addition to the above changes, we’ve paid special attention to Fred Shop, and lots of new designs of our distinctly unique skate and surf clothing are going to be rolled out soon. Over the last year we received plenty of feedback and were able to identify the most popular styles in women’s and men’s clothing lines, and this progression led to our most ambitions soon-to-be-released collection to date. Fred Raiser was clearly the winner of guys’ t-shirts, while Gold Skull turned out to be an absolute hit among girls. What’s it gonna be this year? We’re dying to find out…

Fred Music – Giving a Voice to Unsigned Bands

Music and emerging bands have been awarded an even more central role in the Fred Sandiego experience. Granted, we’ll never grow out of surfing, skateboarding or any other thrilling extreme sport for that matter, but independent music is still our first love. Everyone on the Fred Team has roots in the world of music and has played in a band or two ever since we were little teenage punks. We know exactly how challenging it is for a band, no matter how talented or hard working to make it in their home territory, not to mention reach global recognition. That’s why we’ve devoted ourselves to helping young unsigned bands to get their voices heard. We don’t just hand pick and select the Band of the Month, but promote our favorite unknown bands in every imaginable way. The hub for Unsigned Bands of Fred Sandiego is on Facebook, where we bring together a community of aspiring, talented musicians from a range of genres on the Unsigned Bands page.

Alright, time to run off and catch some waves. In short: It’s good to be back, Welcome and Stay Tuned!