Helsinki, Finland – Rock / Progressive

This rocking trio from Finland seems to be on the edge of breakthrough. They were invited to play at YLE (National Broadcasting Company of Finland) studio just a month ago which is always a promising sign. This group really knows how to play. Vocalist Pauli Hauta-Aho does amazing guitar playing while singing and by experience I know it is tough. I have a hunch that these guys digg Placebo.

”Alone” is my favourite. There is something familiar about this song, it sounds a bit like HIM. This one’s got a hit potential plus a ton of melancholic emotions. There’s also a punch of very hard songs available which I expect to be even better played live. Looking forward to find that out!

Band members: Pauli Hauta-Aho (vocals/guitar), Marko Haataja (bass), Jakke Saarinen (drums/vocals).

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