FredLive! = unsigned bands, beer and fun loving people

FredLive! equals unsigned bands, beer and fun loving people

We know that for the talented, unsigned bands the gigs are really difficult and expensive to organize. There are only so few places that take rising talents on their stages and a chance to play in a boring pub in the middle of nowhere for couple of drunks is not appealing either. That’s why we organized FedLive! night in Bar Dubrovik, in Helsinki 9th April. The Bar Dubrovnik is beautiful restored in it’s 50′s style and it’s located in central Helsinki, which is the second home base of Fred Sandiego.

Talented bands such as Circus at Dawn, Blanko and Lossi T played a gig like they never played before and over a hundred people showed up to listen to their music. We also played a special video greeting from 51/50s, the British rockers who toured in Finland last summer, and French pop punk band called Block Buster. 51/50s even recorded a special acoustic gig exclusively for this FredLive! event.

FredLive! equals unsigned bands, beer and fun loving people

It was truly an amazing party, and the reason for doing it was to give an opportunity for unsigned bands to find new fans and to play on arena that would be unreachable if they were doing it on their own. We are there to support up-and-coming bands and give them a chance to show their skills on stage.

The first FredLive! music event was a success, and it definitely will not be the last. Once we got started, we won’t stop. Next time it is going to be much bigger with more people!