T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts!

T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts!

T-shirt season is officially here! It’s time to get some new cool and crazy shirts to your wardrobe. Guess what -Fred Sandiego is a tee loving brand and we’ve been thinking what really makes a cool shirt? We say it’s a mixture of unique design, quality plus a bit of shock factor – and voilà. I guess it’s not a surprise that our team wears tees the modest 366 days a year.

We’ve received feedback lately and we’re happy about all the ideas you sent us. Your wish is our command so we promise to deliver more colors and more white shirts to our collection. We appreciate your feedback, so keep sending us your wildest ideas -they might become real sooner than you may think.

There are three new T-shirt designs on the table and all of them are going to be on white. We’re sure that Fred Sandiego’s graphic designer, Henry can push himself to his best performance. Quality is our number one guideline, so sometimes things take time.

We have some good news for 51/50s’ fans! ”Sanity is vanity” band shirt is back on the rack later this week. You find it from special category.

We also stumbled into couple of blogs that the tee lovers out there might find interesting: Tee Hunter and Tciritc. Check ‘em out. And now, loose your winter furs and bring back the tees!