Hold Your Fire!

Hold your Fire
Jersey, Channel Islands, UK – Punk Rock

Hold Your Fire! is a punk rock band from Jersey, Channel Islands. This group plays probably the hardest rock than any other band we’ve ever listed on our music page. Hold your Fire! is definitely not holding their fire, they blow your head off! Punk rock bands are usually about attitude, looks and lifestyle not how well they handle instruments and arrangements, but it seems to me that music comes first for these guys. The more you listen to this band the better it gets even “…And Justice for All” drum sound works quite fine.

”Down the Barrel” is my favourite. It is a catchy song with steady and raw guitar riff and good backing vocals. My advice to this band would be simply -more gigs! Listening to Hold Your Fire! makes me think of summer and all those wild rock festivals where people enjoy their lives to the max. The band has recently released Ink Ribbon, an EP which is available for free download on their web site.

Band members: James Pallot (vocals), James Day (guitar), Daniel Allman (guitar), Chirs Day (bass), Chris Reed (drums).

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