First Base

First Base
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – Pop Punk, Hardcore

How did we find this band? Well, these guys wanted to be our friend on My Space some months ago, so this was an easy case. We checked the band right away like we always do, just in case. 30 seconds is enough to see the potential.

These Melbourne rockers know the essence of pop punk very well. They have four songs on My Space and it is obvious that the new songs are better than the old one (What become of the broken). There is nothing wrong with that song with 30 000 hits it’s just the mixing of the new songs is done better plus the vocalist, Mat sings with greater intensity.

My favourite song is “Trend-Hop This!” It really kicks ass and that is what we all need from time to time. Finally the word of critic: I cannot criticise the existing just do more of that -more songs, more photos, more gigs and videos! Walk your way and hopefully we see First Base LIVE some day soon.

Band members: Mat (vocals), Drew (guitar/vocals), Spider (lead guitar/vocals), Cohen (bass), Chris (drums).

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