The Shivering Hills

the shivering hills
North Wales Coast, UK – Funk Rock

We rarely find good funk rock bands, but once in a while we get happily surprised. The Shivering Hills from North Wales Coast, UK is damn Cool! They put it this way: “Our music is generally funked-up rock with a twist of mentalness and a hint of metalic grooves. We thrive on delivering an immense range of guitar riffs accompanied by face melting solos, mind warping bass guitar and uncomprehendable precussion.”

These guys clearly know how to make catchy music. Unfortunately there’s only 2 songs available on MySpace. In order to make a good and thoughful review more songs should be available, but we know that there is new stuff on the way.

The list for upcoming shows is long and it is always a good sign: this group is ALIVE and they want you to know about it. I particularly like a song called “Give a Little Bit”. Its psychedelic start quickly changes to hard riffing part B and ends up finding its funky groove. The band is playing well together and da Bass is there like it is supposed to be. Vocalist Steve has a very charismatic voice. We hope to see this group live soon!

Finally Fred’s counsel: Write more songs, record some live videos and give a personal touch to your MySpace page.

Band members: Steve Watsone-Jones (Guitar/Vocals), Mike Watson-Jones (Bass), Levan Jones (Guitar), Richie Dixon (Drums)

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