Checking the Eagle Peak and Wrecking the Rental

checking eagle peak

Rock climbing is a fun sport and one of the favorite extreme sports of the Fred Team, but even the road trip to the actual climbing site always seems to be an adventure in and of itself. So far, we’ve made it to every one of our destinations, but generally a few detours are to be expected along the way.

A few months back, we decided to check out the climbing spots in the Eagle Peak Preserve, an hour northeast of San Diego. Due to an abrupt coincidence our only means of transportation was a tiny rental car with minimal ground clearance, and unfortunately, the final stretch to our destination was a dirt road in a seriously bad state.

As usual, we were running late and our driver kept up a frightening speed at the expense of the poor little rental’s shocks and suspension. We were literally waiting for the springs to pierce through the seats at any moment, as we raced along the dusty road on our low clearance compact. Sorry Hertz, it’s still running! In fact, I’m still kicking myself for not taking a picture of the beat up thing after we finally reached our destination. It was truly a work of art. How does a deep maroon finish turn light brown from the roof to the rims, the trunk fill up with sand, and every passenger’s hair get covered in dust and dirt from a fifteen-minute ride on a dirt road? Apparently everything’s possible when the Fred Team is on board.

checking eagle peak

Eagle Peak sits in the Cleveland National Forest and is one of the most sensitive raptor nesting areas in San Diego County. The wilderness area is gorgeous, however. It’s a beautiful, peaceful valley with a river running through, perfect for a refreshing swim after a long day of intense climbing. The rock itself is memorable, even for a seasoned climber. All routes are intriguing with well maintained bolts throughout. There are plenty of routes to choose from, at least 100 bolted pitches have been put up with grades from 5’9 to 5’13, along with several multi-pitch routes .

Our climbing day was good indeed. I gave my everything and that’s what climbing is all about.