Micro Wave Oven

micro wave oven
Montreal, Canada – Pop Punk

We have quite a few trios listed on our page, but Micro Wave Oven is the first ever band from Canada. Well, actually these guys are from France, but they are just moving to Montreal, because France is not the easiest place to make a musical career. As soon as they are done with the recordings of their first album, they are OFF.

Let’s get down to business – the music! MWO has five songs of their own available on their MySpace page which makes it easy to get a good picture of their music. Each song has got at least 13000 hits, so we are not the first ones to digg this hard rockin’ band.

All the songs are good. Sound quality is high and obviously recording and mixing are done with great care. The first track “Love is just a game good bye” is a very typical pop punk song which is missing uniqueness. “Happy Sometimes” is different. Intro is something different and it is always good to break patterns. “Way of life” is my favourite song. With some fine tuning it could become a hit song.

MWO’s EP is now downloadable on their myspace page and it is all FREE! Their upcoming album will be more electronical, ambient, mature and louder than EP. “Just believe in yourself, be yourself, follow your way, enjoy your dreams, fuck everyone off and Get a fucken life!”.

Band members: Germain Delpoux (guitar/vocals), Nicolas Duris (guitar/backing vocals), Mickael Setbon (Drums/backing vocals)

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