Surf & pintxos in San Sebastian, Basque Country

surfing san sebastian

I was privileged to travel with Fred-team in San Sebastian on mid July. I can honestly say that the Fred flag was proudly flying in the air along the common surf-megabrands.

The purpose of trip was really simple: to surf as much as possible. Previously I have surfed in Portugal, Bali, the Philippines and Costa Rica, so I’m not total stranger to the awesome sport. However, I’m still lacking the necessary practice and experience to ride larger waves or maneuver cool moves. But I’m very eager to learn more and more whenever I’m given an opportunity to travel to some beautiful place with decent waves.

After taking the flight to Biarritz and train to San Sebastian, our vacation really started off. The city of San Sebastian or Donostia – as the locals call it – is a vibrant city with two popular beaches and picturesque old town. There is a great variety of cool restaurants and bars ranging from Michelin star restaurants to old bars supporting Basque independence. The local specialty definitely worth tasting is pintxo. You can find small pintxo places all-over the town, in which you can eat these tapas-type snacks all day long.

surfing san sebastian

Playa de la Zurriola is the beach for surfing in San Sebastian (check the webcam). This trendy beach is situated right next to centre of the town, so it’s basically within a walking distance from majority of hostels and hotels. The waves seemed to be suitable for beginners as well as a bit more experienced surfers. Consequently, the water was really crowded with beginner courses and other surfers with different skills. Despite the crowd the surf was excellent! We were extremely lucky with the swells, since the only flat day was when we had the worst hangover ;-) Furthermore, we experienced the best waves on rainy and less-crowded day.

surfing san sebastian

To conclude, I can really recommend San Sebastian to all surfers. In addition, I feel that the many of Bay of Biscay’s spots would be really worth travelling. Within a short distance from San Sebastian there are plenty of world class breaks e.g. Hossegor and Biarritz. Surf’s up!!

The writer of this article is a media professional working for the leading broadcaster in Finland.