Fred’s tree grows fast in Panama

Fred's tree

We in Fred Sandiego are excited about all the green ideas. Anything that you can do to save our beautiful nature, we’re for it! That’s why we want to spread the word about Forest Generation that makes a valuable work in Panama, in Central-America. Forest Generation grows dozens of different kinds of trees in a beautiful thousand acre property in the middle of the jungle and mountains. Anyone can buy a green present to themselves or their loved ones by planting a tree in the Forest of Thoughts and have their own plaque next to it. And those trees will grow there forever, they are never gonna be cut down.

Fred Sandiego planted it’s own tree in Panama in February 2010. And it’s not going to be the last one, that’s a promise. Balsa is a fast growing tree that lives for 100 years. We traveled there to check it out last March and it had already grown inches! We keep you posted how our green “boy” is doing by the river in the jungle where the howler monkeys are the kings of the forest. Check out Fred’s Balsa-tree and the thought we had put next to it.

a thought

For more information go to Forest Generation.