Helsinki, Finland – Rock

This aggressive and energetic rock group from Helsinki, Finland has walked a long way. I’ve seen Walkalone live twice and they were OK then. Once I got back to their music for this review I was happily surprised -the songs are epic! It’s always delightful to see such a progress.

Charismatic vocalist, Jussi has amazing voice – perfect for this kind of raw expression and the guitarist, Laiska seems to master his tool extremely well. Not underestimating the role of bass and drums.

My favourite song is “Role the Dice”. It’s catchy chorus remains in my head which is a good sign. The latest release “Echoes” is surely a potential hit song. The best thing about this promising band is the homogeneous of the songs.

Band members: Jussi (vocals), Laiska (guitar), Janne (Bass), K.O (Drums)

Don’t forget to check their latest video “Echoes” !

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