Get Creative: DJ Logout!

dj logout

DJ Logout, born Aleksi Lemola, is a finnish music producer and DJ. He runs his own production company and label Logout Music.

Aleksi started playing piano at 6 years old, but growing to his teens became more interested in electronic music. He started making his own music, and listening to a lot of hiphop he was fascinated by the sounds of scratching and decided to pick the turntables as his new instrument. But reaching the legal age for nightclubs and seeing the DJs at work he soon wished to bring his turntable skills from his home studio to the dancefloors. This finally happened in 2005 when Aleksi played his first club nights in Tampere and since then, with his distinctive style of fast paced smooth mixes he’s played hundreds of nights in many of Finland’s biggest clubs.

Alongside DJing Aleksi studied audio engineering and has done jobs in almost all sections of music from live mixing to tour bus driving. As a producer he has made music for artists and advertisements and worked on styles from hiphop to bossanova.

Now he has just released his first single “The Alpha Mission”, which is an electro tribute to the music of old video game systems like the 8-bit Nintendo he grew up with. The song is currently available on iTunes and Amazon. More about DJ Logout at