Komarno, Slovakia – Alternative / Rock

October’s pick is a talented group from Slovakia. These guys have been rocking around their country for some years and now they are concentrating on recording new stuff. Only three songs available on My Space, which is of course a drag. We’d welcome more songs. It’s hard to draw a picture of the band while the songs are so different.

Anyhow, all the songs are good! Sound quality is high and mixing is done well. My favourite song is “Crossing the Line”. It’s cathcy, short and pithy. “Ocean” is also a great song, but it’s more a theatrical one and it associates with one their influences – Dream Theater. Vocalist Steve has got a powerful and deep voice. We hope to see this group Live someday soon!

Band members: Mojo – Drums, Ronnie – Bass, Martin – Guitar, Steve – Vocal

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