Get Creative: Mexican Surfing Photographer Edwin Morales

edwin morales' photos

Surfer: Checo Ramirez

Coming from a bodyboarding background and living his whole life at the infamous “Mexican Pipeline”, Edwin Morales is one of Mexico’s best surfing photographers and worldwide known as the main water photographer in Puerto Escondido.

His style is based on the giant Puerto Escondido swells. Every time he sees a bomb swell lining up for Puerto, he gets really excited and starts looking for the best angle to shoot the beauty of those perfect 15 foot A-frames on a south swell or the heavy long lines of a SW swell.

With only five years behind the lens, Edwin has a Billabong XXL photo award for Monster Tube in 2006 and three more nominations for best photo of the year. One of them was shot in the beautiful French Polynesia (Monster Tube 2008), another one was shot in Todos Santos Island in northern Mexico during a RedBull expedition and the last one at home during a giant swell last year (Monster Paddle 2009). Edwin´s creations have already been published in some of the best surfing magazines in the world such as: Surfer, Surfing Mag and Transworld Surf (USA); Carve, ThreeSixty (UK); Bomb Surf, SixtyForty (ZAF); Surfer Rule, 3Sesenta (SPA); Surfos (CRA), Fluir, Alma Surf (BRA) and on, the biggest surf forecasting website in the world.

edwin morales' photos

Surfer: Coco Nogales

Shooting photos is also a lifestyle for this young photographer therefore he is always seeking new paths in the carrier. In the near future Edwin wishes to work as a staff photographer for one of the best magazines of the Surfing industry and he is planning to publish his first book “The Essence of Puerto Escondido”. Edwin´s love for the ocean is never going to cease and he will always keep showing its beauty to the world.

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edwin morales' photos

Edwin Morales & Tuuli Nummi

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