Bands of the Year

bands of the year

It’s December again and time to look back and make a short summary. During the Year 2010 we picked eleven amazing bands which in our opinion deserve to be elevated because of their talent.

It’s been really fun talking to all this ambitious people and we wish that we will be able to see all of these bands Live some day soon. We promise to do our best to promote all these bands because we know that trying to create a musical career is not an easy job. Helping each other out is the thing!

If you are looking for fresh, new music then check this list through.

January: Annie Mall Indie Rock from Finland
February: Zalinski Alternative Rock from UK
March: The Knockouts Punk/Rockabilly from Sweden
April: The Blanko Progressive Rock from Finland
May: HOLD YOUR FIRE! Punk Rock from Channel Islands
June: First Base Pop Punk from Australia
July: The Shivering Hills Funk Rock from Wales
August: Micro Wave Oven Pop Punk from Canada /France
September: Walkalone Rock from Finland
October: StarFist Alternative Rock from Slovakia
November: TallBoy Metal/ Progressive Rock from US.

Keep sending those suggestions (contact site) and check also our Unsigned Bands Facebook group!

Looking forward to Year 2011!