The Kuru Smile

the kuru smile
Colchester, UK – Alternative/ Progressive

The fact that The Kuru Smile built their own studio in order to make their debut album is testament to their determination and belief in what they are doing but a quick listen is enough to confirm that this conviction is not misplaced. This quartet from Britain’s oldest recorded town, pull off the difficult trick of not overstating the guitars, despite being a guitar-driven band. The rather grand backing vocals help to achieve this, while each member demonstrates proficiency and the more seldom found maturity in their chosen instruments. Overall, the songs comprise complex melodies and intelligent lyrics. The rhythmic variations of Cigarette are fresh and imaginative, while such shifts are applied more subtly on 29 Years On, a song that opens with a haunting lead guitar line.

This is a band that seems comfortable producing songs in a variety of styles, yet still has an identity all of its own. Nonetheless, they display a wealth of influences, from the Tool-like bass-line of Lila Cooch, through shades of Mogwai in the instrumental section of 29 Years On, to the strong Rage Against the Machine influence on Throat. More details of the band’s love of RATM can be found on their own website and on their myspace page, where the video for And Yet I Still Walk Blind can also be seen.

Band members: Danny Lodge (Guitar& Vocals), Oliver Harvey (Guitar), Tom Donovan (Bass), Sarge (Drums)

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-Dass Dale