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My pieces tend to be deeply colorful, rugged and layered. Aesthetically I’m attracted to imperfections, splatter and dripping effects, and “decadence.” My paintings are mainly composed using mixed media – I utilize fonts and text for their visual contribution as well as the message they convey. I strive to combine powerful visual elements and the bold use of color with the intricacy and complexity of the subject matter. My work can be seen to draw influence from street art, such as posters, stickers, stencil paintings, and classic graffiti.

I find ideas and inspiration for my work by observing my visual surroundings and the changes and events that transpire within it. I’m inspired by news, magazines, books, movies and ads, as well as photo sharing sites on the Web. I often end up discussing social issues in my paintings. I suppose some of my pieces can be regarded as visual art that incorporates social commentary, but some simply focus on exploring aesthetics that appeal to me, without any concrete message.

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I’ve been fascinated by visual expression ever since I was little. Art has been a hobby of mine since I was 15; I took art classes and even held a few small exhibitions. However, after discovering graphic design, my art hobby took the back seat. I studied new media and worked in the industry as a graphic designer for years. In 2000 I once again began experimenting with painting as a form of artistic expression. It felt like the form of creating and manipulating images that came naturally for me. I got a chance to combine the materials from graphic design with handmade paintings. For me the use of mixed media, where I integrate collage techniques and prints in my paintings, was a brand new means of creating art, and it soon evolved into my signature style. I began creating art at a professional level around 2005. Since then I’ve held numerous exhibitions, mainly in the Helsinki area.

My work generally gets classified as “alternative” art instead of traditional high culture. Such marginalized art will hardly ever get an opportunity to penetrate the consciousness of a larger audience. But I’m not planning on giving up – I enjoy creating art for the sake creating art, with or without an audience.

So far my work has not been displayed outside Finland, but I’ve sold pieces around the world. The Internet is naturally an effective channel to gain visibility and interest beyond one’s physical location.

In the spring of 2011 I was chosen to participate in the Billnäs Young Artist´s contest, which will feature a large-scale summer-long exhibition in Billnäs Ruukki in southern Finland. Just got the results -I WON IT among two other artists.

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