Helsinki, Finland – Rock

A recent study asserts that Finland has the most metal bands per capita in the world and the same may very well be true for rock bands. It seems that every other person one meets in Finland plays in at least one rock band and the majority of these are comprised of technically advanced musicians, capable of producing and performing one form of rock or another. Helsinki’s Novella is no exception and the undoubted talent of the band’s members is evident on their forthcoming eponymous debut album.

In addition to the kind of fast paced, energetic, angst-laden tracks needed to get the notoriously passive Finnish audience moving (highlights being Star on the Ground and N20), the album includes softer moments with the ballads Away from Her and Save, while the closing track, Brand New Skin represents something of a departure from what has gone before, reminding this listener of Seal. That is not to say that the band’s identity is unclear and credit must be given to Tuomas Yli-Jaskari and Jonne Lindqvist for having produced the album themselves and while the guitars sound very generic, the overall production quality is superb.

Band members: Juha Pälve (Vocals), Dani Nuutinen (Guitar), Jonne Lindqvist (Guitar), Tuomas Yli-Jaskari (Bass), Valtteri Mikkola (Drums)

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