The August Name

The August Name
St. Petersburg, Florida, US – Alternative, Rock

The August Name is a Florida based band of four or five members, depending on whether you choose to believe their band biography or the list of members and photos. What is incontrovertible however is that this is a band in possession of a sound that epitomizes the modern rock genre.

The band have produced one three song EP to date but two further tracks are available for listening on their Myspace site, while the band’s own website is under construction. It is remarkable that a band that has been around for a short time is already able to offer such well produced, aptly arranged music. The songs are invariably fast paced, energetic and intense, with spiraling lead guitar riffs to the fore. The amusingly named The Industrial Revolution Ruined Sword Fighting stands out amongst their five available songs, as a more imaginative piece of work, which tends to deviate from the template of the other songs. Hopefully they will continue to develop from this promising beginning.

Band members: Ryan McGibbeny- Vocals, Evander Lipps- Drums, Dacian Miron- Guitar, Rick Chadwell- Guitar

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