The Ugly Club

The Ugly Club
New Jersey, US – Indie, Rock

One of the best features of The Ugly Club’s various pages is that there are mercifully few photos of the band. Seriously though, the band’s music is refreshingly different to the majority of what has featured before on this blog. The use of keyboards and horns, rather than layers of guitars, gives some of the music a rather British feel, which is noteworthy, as The Ugly Club is actually from New Jersey.

The overall effect is bright and perky, with just enough melancholy and irony to prevent it from irritating. When the guitars and bass do come to the fore, as in Parks, from The Ugly Club’s second EP, a clear and pleasant Television influence can be heard, although this of course could also be a Strokes influence – the vocals on this particular song certainly lean in that direction. Hope We Survive from the same EP represents a shift in style towards what would surely be described as “World Music,” the all-encompassing term for any music that doesn’t conform to a typical western style.

Other, older demos can be found on the band’s myspace site, although it’s obviously hit and miss whether the myspace player will actually work these days. Fortunately, The Ugly Club are on Facebook and all four songs from the Visions of Tall Girl EP are available on Band Camp. Some work could be done on production and the vocals aren’t always perfect but overall this is very good five-piece band with well-written songs, sweet harmonies and mature lyrics.

Band members: Ryan Egan, Taylor Mandel, Rick Sue-Poi, Ryan McNulty, Joey Stasio

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-Dass Dale