Jönköping, Småland, Sweden – Alternative, Rock

Härja, meaning “ravage” in English, is a relatively new three piece band from Sweden that makes music with hard rock sensibilities, mellowed by a combination of vocals mixed to the fore, a slower tempo and a drummer able to deliver what’s right for the song, rather than demonstrate how fast and loud he can play.

All but one of the seven self-produced songs available on Härja’s Myspace page include the name of an animal in the title and while this brings a smile to the face, it does not mean that the lyrics are facetious. In fact, they are perfectly in sync with the melancholy feel of the music.

The guitars regularly feature quick, irregular chord changes and while there are one or two moments when the melody and more unusual chords don’t quite work together, the attempt to challenge the listener is welcome and a good producer will be able to iron out these small wrinkles.

Band members: Mats Hoas, Pelle Dahl, Samuel Georgsson.

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-Dass Dale