Helsinki, Finland – Pop Punk

Madcraft is a fun band that seems not to take itself too seriously, as songs such as Let Me Breathe suggests. The second EP named Lovelock’d, is out. All four songs are invariably fast paced, energetic and intense. It is remarkable that a band that has been around for a short time is already able to offer such well produced, aptly arranged music. My favorite is “2 people 2 places” which is a pure metal song while other three can be put into pop punk category.

One of the strengths of this band is that they do a lot of gigs. There are not too many ways to win over the crowd. Kick ass live shows is definetely the most traditional and effective one. There are already new material on the way while writing this review. I am sure that Madcraft will strengthen their style of writing unique and cathcy songs.

Band members: Tom Nuorivaara (guitar/vocals), Juho Rinne (guitar/vocals), Samuli Hyttinen (bass/vocals), Otto Uotila (drums/vocals).

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