Last Days of Death Country

Last Days of Death Country
Limerick, Ireland – Alternative Rock

The fact that this four-piece from Ireland is still unsigned says a lot about the fecklessness of the music industry but the positive side is that Last Days of Death Country fulfills the unsigned criterion for our band of the month. The music is original and varied and while influences such as The Cure and Perfect Circle are apparent, the band has a consistent sound all of its own. The songs tend to adhere to the quiet/loud verse/chorus paradigm but the more challenging and impressive trick the band repeatedly pulls off is the lift from melancholy to euphoria.

Patrick O’Brien’s vocals are what give the band’s sound its edge and his voice has an uncanny quality through which it seems at once powerful and frail. The vocals are backed beautifully by melodic lead guitars and an inventive but unobtrusive rhythm section, the bass line on Venom being a particular delight.

The sounds are superb, which is hardly a surprise when one sees the names involved in the making of the band’s debut EP, the tracks of which are on myspace and bandcamp. The list of names Last Days of Death Country has performed with also makes for impressive reading.

Band members: Patrick O’Brien – lead vocals and guitar, David O’Dowd – lead guitar, Rob Kelly – drums, Gary Lysaght – bass.

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-Dass Dale