Helsinki, Finland – Alternative Rock

In 2007, Blanket, unleashed its magnificent debut album, This Is the New Wave of Political Rock, through its Independent Fruit Company collective and it’s a record bristling with intelligent, energetic rock music, which despite being vitriolic and highly political, somehow manages not to come across as preachy and self righteous. This could be down to the fact that there is a great deal of humour in Blanket’s work too, as evidenced by the song I Don’t Want To Be A Software Developer, as well as the album’s cover art and the band’s ongoing commitment to the Moose Liberation Front, which is admittedly a humorous approach to the serious fact of human disregard for nature in the name of progress.

It is hard to believe that this four-piece from Helsinki, Finland made its album in a rehearsal room, rather than a recording studio and this is testament to the production skills of Clark Kent frontman Jaakko Rikko. Some of the album’s more outstanding moments include vehement attacks on: the Iraq war in Eyes Wide Shut; suicide bombers in Action; the absurdity of the concept that each of us has a different value, depending on our country of origin, in Ivalo and US foreign policy in Henry the Killer.

These four songs, along with the guitar riffs of Interlude #1 and Reservoir are more than enough reasons to want to own this album and then share it – the CD is copy encouraged and even comes with a spare copy, to give to a friend.

Blanket have been in semi hibernation for the last couple of years, partly due to family commitments but probably also in part due to the sad fact that they are based in a country where original music that challenges the listener to think tends to be frowned upon, unless it comes from overseas.

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Band members: Ville Könönen – vocals and guitar, Teppo Jalava – guitar, Willi Messmer – drums, Simo Särkkä – bass and backing vocals.

-Dass Dale