The Cosmonauts

The Cosmonauts
Edinburgh, UK – Alternative Rock

This four piece from Edinburgh plays good old 60′s style reckless retro rock. It’s surely not an easy task to stand out walking this path but these guys ace up their sleeve -cellist Claire Schiavone.

The Cosmonauts have just finished recording their debut album which we are anxious to hear. Meanwhile we focus on the new songs available on their Reverb Nation site (see link below). “Tell me” is a perfect opening track, a real kick-start for a gig or sunny Friday morning. It’s notable that vocalist Chris Bryce has a perfect rock’n roll voice. “Memoirs” is a groovy song with a catchy cello track. However, “Dawnbreaks” is my favorite piece. Its melody, backing vocals and easy going guitar riffs create a nice ensemble.

The band were formed in 2008 by guitarist/vocalist Chris Bryce and bassist/vocalist Alan Robertson, the latest phase in a long-term collaboration of almost 10 years. With the aim of creating a more distinctive sound, Claire Schiavone was brought on board. After experimenting with several dummers, Paul Stuart joined the group in 2009.

Hopefully the band will continue to develop the uniqueness of their style and music. Anyhow the future seems bright for The Cosmonauts.

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Band members: Chris Bryce: Guitar/Vocals, Alan Robertson: Bass /Vocals, Claire Schiavone: Cello /Vocals /Percussion, Paul Stuart: Drums