Rebel Inc.

Rebel Inc.
Baltimore, US – metal, punk, hip-hop

We’ve been receiving a lot of suggestions lately and Rebel Inc. was one of those. It took about 30 sec. to make the decision this time. Sometimes it just clicks instantly. This band f**king rocks and it’s not raining in Baltimore anymore!

Rebel Inc. is a Baltimore based band but the roots are in Detroit Rock City. The music is a mixture of metal, rap and alternative rock. There’s no doubt that Rage Againts the Machine, White Zombie and bunch of other bands alike have had an strong influence on their sound and music. However raw power and energy can only come from the heart. You either have it or you don’t.

The songs on their self titled 6-track EP are invariably fast paced, energetic and intense, with roaring lead guitar riffs to the fore. “909 Revolution” is a enjoyable mixture of Slayer and Rage againts. “Broken Man” is one of my favorites. This “hip-hop metal” just makes you wanna jump up and down. “Everything You Hate” is a track with thoughtful lyrics and a lot of aggression within. Adams’s or correctly said Strong’s vocals are what give the band’s sound its edge.

It is said that one of the strengths of this band is their live shows. Well, as soon as I find my way to the East Coast I will surely check the band out and find out whether this rumor is true or not. In the meanwhile we all can enjoy their live performance videos on their site.

Honestly, it is challenging to find soft spots of this band. Musical differentiation is the only thing that comes to my mind. Walk your way and deepen your individuality. These guys are on their way to the Big League!

Band members: Adam- Vocals, Kevin- Guitar/Vocals, B-lock- Drums, Benny- Bass/Vocals

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