Permanent Ability

Permanent Ability
Los Angeles, US – rock, alternative, funk

Brian Lanese launched the band in 2008. He is a three time Emmy Award Winner, and recent Grammy Nominee. He sings/writes/and produces all the music for the band including each instrumental part. Permanent Ability is literally Brian Lanes’s band. Other band members are not mentioned by name.

We care about the music and we know that this band has got some great, catchy funk rock songs. “From the Womb to Hollywood” EP was released in 2008 and the latest “Bring It On!” was released in 2010. You can listen to both of these albums on band’s website and more preferable option is of cource buying’em from CDBaby.

“Little Black Bra” from the first EP is surely a hit song, no doubt about it. It’s comparable with the best RHCP songs. The latest album is consistent collection of 6 very well written funk rock songs. “Shades of Gray” is our favorite. Quality of sound and mixing makes it easy to familiarize yourself with Permanent Ability’s music. It takes some ability to write such lyrics. Strongly recommending!

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