Wulf of Collision

Wulf of Collision
Hoogstraten, Belgium – Hard Rock

Let’s face the facts we’ve got very little information about the band we picked out. Wulf of Collision is a part Belgian, part British Hard Rock band formed in Hoogstraten, Belgium. They have just recorded their first demo couple of months ago. But the truth is that one photo and great music is enough for a review.

The first track of the demo, “self titled” When Wulves Collide really kicks ass. I necessarily want to use this trite phrase ’cause there’s no better way to describe it. Pay attention to the drum track of this particular song! “Fall of a Titan” is more of a traditional and strong rock song. My favorite one is the last track of the demo “Monster Inside Me” which reminds me of the early recordings of Def Leppard.

It is remarkable that a band that has been around for a short time is already able to offer such well produced, aptly arranged music. Hopefully they will continue to develop from this promising beginning.

Band members: Vocals – Yannick ‘Woesh’ Woestenborghs, Lead Guitar – Colin Ashcroft, Rhythm Guitar – Jeroen Claesen, Bass – Matthijs Braspenning, Drums – Roel Sommen

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