About the company

Fred Sandiego is much more than just another streetwear brand. Back in 2007 we wanted to bring something fresh and special to the already overcrowded streetwear market. Instead of just designing eye-catching clothes we wanted to create a unique story around the brand and bring it to life in our designs. And so the mad skeleton character Fred was born under the loving sun of California and in the middle of urban vibe of Europe.

At Fred Sandiego we believe that life should be spent doing the things you love – not being stuck in an office, slaving from 9 to 5 for a tedious boss. We say this because we know what it is like. When we started the company, our first order of business was to throw out our ties, and we encourage everyone to follow the example! Forget about the rat race and use your imagination to make the best out of life. The founders of the company embrace surfing, rock climbing, skateboarding and all other wild and extreme sports, and this spirit is the at the heart of the fundamental idea behind Fred Sandiego.

Sailing on Pacific

Fred Crew’s recreaction trip to Southern Mexico

Giving back

We believe in the freedom of the mind and spirit. We think that life’s purpose is to do the things you love. We love and respect the nature: oceans, forests, mountains and wild running rivers. We want to give something back and help to save Earth’s treasures for the next generations. WWF will receive 3% of our earnings in the year 2012. And that is not all…

Fred Sandiego's tree in Panama

Fred Sandiego’s tree in Panama


We have two homes, basecamps. One is located in San Diego, CA and another in Helsinki, Finland.

Fred’s story

Fred is an average Southern Californian dude – he surfs, skates, loves the beach and hates algebra – but there is just one peculiar thing about Fred: he’s dead. Due to an unfortunate twist of fate, his life ended abruptly one Saturday afternoon. However, instead of departing to the other side, Fred got stuck among the living because he has a secret mission to accomplish.

If you are interested in knowing what’s going on in our lives, what’s new or how do we look, then check the Blog and the photo Gallery on the front page.

with Love Fred Crew